In Thor: Love and Thunder, the god of thunder is stripped of his powers in Omnipotence City

Thor: Love And Thunder
Thor Love and Thunder

One of the things that most caught our attention in the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, the new adventure of the son of Odin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by Taika Waititi, is a scene in which Zeus undresses the protagonist before an audience of numerous in the middle of a gigantic golden room. That the Greek gods exist in the superhero saga just like the Egyptians, the Wakandans, and the Nordics arouses our interest. And also that new place.

This is Omnipotence City. It was created by writer Jason Aaron and artist Esad Ribić for issue three of the Thor: God of Thunder comic in December 2012. That is, it was only almost a decade ago, and so it’s not quite a classic Marvel setting. But neither is Kamala Khan or Ms. Marvel a known hero before September 2013, when she was introduced to him in Captain Marvel issue fourteen. And that doesn’t make it any less canonical.

The only thing we can see in sufficient detail of the massive space complex in Thor: Love and Thunder is the Parliament of Pantheons. In it, the different divinities meet for events and, theoretically, legislate in assembly as what could be considered an intergovernmental institution. And it is supposed to be dedicated to promoting moderate and peaceful behavior of its members. But the lazy character of Zeus and his insistence on orgies make us doubt it.

Thor: Love and Thunder’s Omnipotence City is a haven of heavenly harmony

However, in Omnipotence City there is also the Interdeity Ministry of Justice, the High Sacred Courts, the great library of the Halls of the Omniscient, and the commercial activities of the Genesis Bazaar, in which it is said that the gods exchange the future of the different galaxies or the Dungeons of Entropy. However, the sequence of Thor: Love and Thunder there only allows us to contemplate the aforementioned Parliament and the exteriors of the site.

Its origin dates back between four and twelve billion years in the universe of Earth-616. It was built by the Lords of the Dawn after the First Great War of the Gods. To avoid conflicts of such caliber, signing treaties and contracting marriages that guarantee divine harmony. And it shines so much because they used ornaments from the clay of universal creation and even lit it with the embers that served to light the first sun.

In any case, the great disappointment of the character played by Chris Hemsworth with the unpleasant Zeus, whom he admired, and his refusal to fight Gorr, the Butcher of Gods, who intends to massacre them all with the Necrosword, and the frivolous atmosphere that is breathed in the Parliament of Pantheons leads us to doubt that the purpose of the Omnipotence City continues to be that of its ancient foundation. Perhaps for the sake of laughter for Thor: Love and Thunder audiences.

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Written by Rachita Salian

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