Avengers 4: Incredible Scene Evidence Death of a Legendary Avenger

Avengers 4 Marvel searches for butt stunt for the movie
Avengers 4 Marvel searches for butt stunt for the movie

Alert spoilers! Avengers 4 would be the end for some Marvel superheroes who will fall in the battle against Thanos. A post-credit scene would confirm the death of the most beloved of all.

Avengers 4 is considered to be the film most awaited by fans in recent years, because millions of people in the world await their arrival in theaters anxiously next May; however, new theories about what will be the closing of a stage for Marvel uproar social networks.

So far it is unknown what will happen in the film where the survivors will have a final battle against Thanos after having lost half of the entire team. The expectation has generated that many wonder about what will happen, and today it was revealed what would be the post-credit scene that would close the participation of one of the most beloved characters of the team: Captain America.

What if Steve dies in ‘Avengers 4’ and the post-credits scene is him walking in an empty ballroom (the one from ‘The Age of Ultron’) and Peggy’s voice is heard saying ‘you’re late … ‘? “, indicates the publication on Twitter that went viral in the world and caused great controversy.

This scene makes mention of the dream of Steve Rogers in ‘The Age of Ultron’, where he meets his beloved Peggy. But, so far is unknown if something like this could arise in the development of the plot and it is known that the contract with the actor Chris Evans would come to an end after the premiere of the film.

Although there is nothing official, the death of Captain America, and possibly IronMan, are some of the most expected in the film, where the heroes who fall in battle and could not revive, according to the revelations of the writers.

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