Avengers 4: Extra new search results with IMAX revelations

avenger 4
avenger 4

Marvel premiered the Avengers 4 trailer in its IMAX version, clarifying important assumptions that fans made after the first trailer.

Avengers 4 is the movie that has generated the most expectation for 2019, because millions expect to know what will happen after the end of Infinity War, since half of the universe ended up annihilated by Thanos action and the power of infinity gems , that with a single click managed to defeat the entire team of the Avengers.

The first trailer of Avengers Endgame became the most watched in history in 24 hours; however, little information was revealed in the video of just over 2 minutes. In the small tape you can see all the Avengers killed and Iron Man at risk of dying stranded in space, plus many thought that Groot appeared in a part of the video.

With the recent release of the trailer in IMAX version, some speculations of Marvel Studios were confirmed, since it is a more detailed version of the first images after the disaster that occurred in Infinity War. The ultra HD version of the film was released today on the Vimeo platform and showed that Groot never appeared in the preview, since it is only a piece of the Milano ship, where Stark and Nebula meet.

Another theories revolves around Nebula, since in one part of the trailer you can see how it touches someone with the intention of giving condolences. Although many fans think that it is Iron Man, there are other theories that indicate it is about Captain America after failing the first rescue plan of all his missing friends.

As you remember, Avengers: Infinity War managed to raise more than two trillion dollars in the world, becoming the fourth highest grossing film in history. Part four could give great surprises and become an even greater success, because of the great expectation it has generated.

The data of Avengers 4
Avengers 4 will hit all cinemas worldwide on Thursday, April 25, 2019, but before that, fans will be able to enjoy the premiere of Capitana Marvel, which will be released on March 8 of the same year.

Deadpool in Avengers 4?
Avengers: Endgame has the fans of Marvel anguished by having to wait a couple of months to learn what will happen to their favorite superheroes.

In the midst of uncertainty, a YouTube user decided to make some minor modifications to the first Avengers trailer: Endgame and included the popular Deadpool on the tape. As an avenger, the character that gives life Ryan Reynolds steals the roles of Ironman, Black Widow and Captain America, to show that he is still in search of his beloved Wolverine.

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