Today’s horoscope for Pisces on May 31, 2022

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(02/19 – 03/20)

Your domestic and family life is exalted. It will be a good time to finally finalize your housing projects or to renovate the rooms of your home. Repeat OM ARUNDHATI , which is the name of a Hindu Goddess and guiding and protective star, which will bring good inspiration.


Your success faces conflicts. People you know try to pass on their problems to you that have nothing to do with you. People may say things to hurt you, or make unreasonable demands afterward. Embrace confrontation, use it to bolster your position, show how easily conflicts can be resolved.


Even if you are receiving tempting offers for investment, wait a while. You may not know all the facts, there may be a trap or unpleasant surprise waiting, or an inconvenient coincidence may ruin your investments. Patience is a virtue and it is particularly true for financial transactions.


For you, a relationship has to be full of hugs and sighs full of affection. Since you feel so secure in your relationship you can try something more daring. For example, let your other half cover your eyes with a soft silk scarf, and then let them take control. Maybe this is as good as it gets.

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