Today’s horoscope for Gemini on May 31, 2022

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This New Moon in your sign will bring you a period of personal growth and renewal. You will shine like the star you are and you will be more charismatic than ever. When you feel a little restless repeat the OM SHANTI mantra that will bring you calm and inner peace.


You feel positive about your relationship, make your loved one feel happy, they show a lot of confidence in you and respect your ideas If you are single, you confidently approach new people inspiring them with your natural attractiveness Take a risk with a new start and do not feel afraid of unknown situations.



You are completely realistic when it comes to money, you have good instincts to make the right decisions. This will give you the confidence to listen to your good instincts. This way you can find new business partners who will soon be grateful to you. These contacts may be useful in the future.


You and your partner can’t help but have more of each other and it shows. There will be no dull moments, neither in bed nor anywhere else. Do you feel like doing a group of three? Tell your partner about your secret fantasy, they might want to do it too and be surprised with who they suggest to tempt you!

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