Today’s horoscope for Leo on May 31, 2022

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All group activities will be encouraged. You will do your best to improve the world around you and all the good you do for others will come back to you multiplied. Your mantra is OM and he is known as the father of all mantras, the vibration of him lifts the spirit.


Do not forget those who matter most to you, these are the people who need your attention. Spend more time with your partner and do activities that help strengthen your love. If you are single you make an effort to impress a new acquaintance, one day you will look back with affection on this first meeting.



You will handle financial matters with the usual poise and you should consider different types of investments. A good idea can mean a good future. Even when you’re just looking for bargains, you’ll be able to distinguish between good and bad deals. Take advantage of them before someone else does!



All systems go to your sex life. There will be variety and passion available for you and your partner to enjoy and find new ways to turn each other on. There are no taboos between you and you will have no qualms about experimenting with new erotic ideas and delicious sensual games. Don’t wait too long for them to ask you.

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