Today’s horoscope for Libra on May 31, 2022

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Your desire to know the world will be stimulated, which will lead you to travel or to inform yourself about everything that interests you. In addition, you will receive good news or relatives from abroad. Repeat three times the Hebrew word KODOISH that invokes the heavenly beings.


You mingle with single people warmly with an open heart and an easy-going attitude. Free of worries you are able to eliminate the stress of daily life that others seem to suffer. If you are in a relationship you have a lot of time and the patience required to focus on what matters most, the people you love.


Don’t waste your time on small projects. Your business instincts are finely tuned today, so use them to focus on what’s important. Make the investments you need and the benefits will soon come to you. Buy yourself something, because these favorable circumstances are truly something to celebrate.


Lots of action indicates that your lover is crazy about your passionate lovemaking and is regularly being driven to heights of ecstasy. He will show you his appreciation by responding with an intense desire. It’s an even greater reward for your lover to know that they won’t always have to make the first move.

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