This is the unusual advice Mia Khalifa gives to those interested in making adult films

The former actress has opened her heart to advise her millions of followers

Mia Khalifa insta 1200x768
Mia Khalifa insta 1200x768

Although she has been away from adult cinema for six years, where she worked as an actress for three months achieving world fame, Mia Khalifa, has wanted to clear her name from that past to make her way to a life dedicated to philanthropy.

Through her social networks, the model has wanted to open her heart to advise her 23 million followers, especially women, never to take up this profession, if they have ever considered it.

“Girls, don’t do this. It’s not worth it,” he said, regarding having a career in the adult film industry, since he has repeatedly denounced the constant attacks he receives from certain people.

“The attacks I get every hour are based on the lowest and most toxic 3 months of my life,” he continued.

Khalifa, 27, said that such was the cruelty against him that he spent a year without allowing comments on his posts.

“My comments have been banned from the public in the last year because they were flooded with hatred, to the point that I never saw anything that was not a direct shame of my past, and it was affecting my mental health and my marriage,” he said.

Khalifa also ventured about the first bullying he suffered in his career, during a photoshoot: “I never spoke about it because I felt that I could not tell my story without being ridiculed by the general public,” he said. “I feel safe now. In the past a photographer put his hands on my breasts, told me they were fine. When I did not pose as he wanted, he would physically correct me until he was satisfied, “he added.

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