Tammy Hembrow enchants her followers by modeling her tiny swimsuit in profile

Tammy Hembrow Without Cosmetics
Tammy Hembrow Without Cosmetics

Two days ago, Tammy Hembrow left her more than 13 million followers with their mouths open, after posting 2 photos and a video with an amazing swimsuit.

In the first image, we can see the full-body model, while taking a photo with her cell phone, and wearing her hot bikini, exposing her great rear.

Tammy1 | Geekybar
Tammy Hembrow

For the second snapshot, the influencer is shown from the front, making us witnesses of her incredible and marked abdomen, as well as her great charms, highlighted by the swimsuit.

Finally, Tammy shares a video in which we appreciate how she moves her waist, leaving more than one of her fans breathless, who never miss any of her updates.

Within her post, the socialite took the opportunity to encourage her followers to join her 6-week exercise challenge, so she couldn’t find a better way to promote it than by showing the results on herself.

Currently, Hembrow’s publication already accumulates more than 310 thousand likes, and thousands of comments from her loving fans, sending her all kinds of compliments.



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