Neiva Mara causes a great sensation among her fans with her little swimsuit on Instagram

For the first image, we find the model sitting on her back.

Mara 3
Neiva Mara | Instagram

3 days ago, Neiva Mara stole the glances of her millions of followers on Instagram again, after posting 2 snapshots in a tiny swimsuit.

For the first image, we find the model sitting on her back, allowing us to observe her stunning rear, as well as her shapely leg.

Mara 1
Neiva Mara

In the second photo Neiva appears again seated, but this time from the front, showing us her great charms beautifully accentuated by her swimsuit.

As always, the Spanish woman managed to squander all her sensuality, capturing all the eyes of her fans, who are always on the lookout for any new photograph.

Within her post, the influencer leaves us a description in which she challenges us to guess where she is, to which many of her loyal followers did not hesitate to respond.

So far, Neiva’s publication has managed to exceed 350 thousand likes, with thousands of comments from her fans, who have not stopped praising her great figure.



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