Sabrina Rojas questioned the love between Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo

Amid the joy of “Pulga” and Roccuzzo for the consecration of the Argentine National Team, Luciano Castro’s ex doubted the veracity of that “ideal” love.

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Lionel Messi sitting on the playing field of the Maracana talking to Antonela Roccuzzo after being crowned champion of the Copa America, the reception passionate in Rosario and shared laughter as the “Pulga” and his wife train , Sabrina Rojas questioned the couple of the moment.

” I do not think it is as ideal as it shows, ” said the panelist of In the afternoon when Karina Mazzocco asked her if she would not like to have a love like that of Messi and Roccuzzo.

Although he maintained that it is a couple that he loves to see and that you can see the respect he has for the mother of his children, he was forceful: “ They must have a thousand things and headaches between couples because they are human and I do not believe that everything is as ideal as we see it ”.
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The kiss that everyone talked about: Lionel Messi and Antonela RoccuzzoThe kiss that everyone talked about: Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo Gentileza / Olé

“I think we see the best version, then there may be a more toxic or less toxic couple , but I don’t think it’s so ideal,” were Rojas’ controversial words, who did not mention the possibility of genuine love, which was born in youth of both, in which without a doubt there can be disagreements but it can be a healthy love.

Following the debate, Débora D’Amato argued that no minor detail is that “they see little,” and recalled: “Antonela had a bad time a thousand times. Before consulting the host, he explained that at the time “there were publications that were not good, because he sent his own, but nevertheless I think that what we idealize is the romantic look of a family, and it is a common family like any other “.
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Antonela and Messi fell in love when they were only teenagers.Antonela and Messi fell in love when they were only teenagers. Google

Now the couple is separating again, but for a few days only to later enjoy a well-deserved family vacation . The footballer traveled to Barcelona with his father to define his football future and then he will fly to the state of Florida in the United States to meet again with Antonela, Thiago, Mateo and Ciro.


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