Emilia Mernes danced in a micro bikini and even Oriana Sabatini reacted

The singer from Entre Ríos, who supposedly has an affair with Neymar, left everyone speechless with her movements.

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Emilia Mernes began her singing career in the band “Rombai” and then launched her solo career. In recent years, it has also started to stomp on social networks, where it has more than two and a half million followers.

The 24-year-old , who many believe is the girlfriend of footballer Neymar, recently released a song with one of the artists of the moment: Duki.

Shortly before the premiere of her new song – which was a success and had millions of views on its first day – Emilia took a few days to relax in Miami .
Emilia Mernes danced in a micro bikini and even Oriana Sabatini reacted
Emilia mernesEmilia Mernes (/ @ emiliamernes) | Instagram
Although she is a native of Nogoyá, Entre Ríos , she has long since settled in the coastal city of the United States.

The singer took advantage of a yacht trip to pose with a micro bikini and also dedicate a dance to her followers, who were delighted by the publication, leaving her half a million “likes” and thousands of compliments among the comments.

“Ai teamo”, wrote Stefi Roitman, while Oriana Sabatini said “Enough, you calm down . ” “Not good 🔥”, Malena Narvay commented, and his friend Lizardo Ponce also added some “fire” emojis. “Nerd. The little smile killed me, ”added María Becerra.

Emilia Mernes and her new song with Duki
The song was all the rage from the moment it was released. The song “As if it did not matter” deals with a love story between the protagonists, who bet on a passionate relationship regardless of what they will say.

In the video Emilia wears a black transparent bodysuit and a printed satin jacket . She also sings in a bikini at times, in what can be considered one of the artist’s most played musical productions at the aesthetic level.
Emilia Mernes danced in a micro bikini and even Oriana Sabatini reacted
The popularity of the video made rumors of romance with Neymar resurface . Since Mernes was invited to the exclusive New Year’s party that the Brazilian organized in Rio de Janeiro, his fans did not stop drawing conclusions regarding their alleged relationship.

On that occasion, they uploaded some photos together, although surrounded by other friends. However, so far this year both have made countless comments through Instagram , including during the Copa América, when Argentina beat Brazil and she chicanered it.

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