Yanet García posed from the sea with an original bikini and conquered her fans

The renowned Mexican model shared a glimpse of the photographic production she is working on.

Yanet García knows how to make a photo around the world, that is what she has achieved with one of her publications enjoying the beach.

The model posed with a black mesh with openings on the back and into the sea.

The “exchica del clima” revolutionizes networks. (Photo: Instagram)
Apparently, everything is about a photographic work that for days he has been sharing in his networks and that would have to do with a brand of swimsuits.

The portal that Yanet García shared.The portal that Yanet García shared. (Instagram / iamyanetgarcia)
For now, the first results of the postcards have generated hundreds of reactions from her followers, who do not stop praising her .

Yanet García greeted his followers in a transparent top
From the resort where the model is located, she took the opportunity to wish her almost 14 million followers a good day .

Yanet García in transparent top.Yanet García in transparent top. (Instagram / iamyanetgarcia)
With a smile and wearing a transparent lace top, Yanet García once again positions herself as one of the most popular and beloved influencer on Instagram.

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