Mica Viciconte conquered Instagram posing in a colaless bikini

The model remembered her vacation with Fabián Cubero and shared it with her followers.

The Model Remembered Her Vacation With Fabian Cubero And Shared It With Her Followers.

Mica Viciconte once again left her almost 3 million followers on Instagram speechless . This time, it was with a series of photos wearing different bikinis remembering his vacation with Fabián Cubero in Mexico.

Mica Viciconte Captivated His Followers By Remembering The Summer.

The publication exceeded 55 thousand likes and had more than 200 comments : ” Beautiful “, ” Divine “, ” Super Top “, were some of the posts left by his followers.

After several photos wearing fuchsia, black and brown bikinis, Fabián Cubero appears in the last images.

The athlete has her followers accustomed to this type of content, where she is sexy and generates the sighs of all of them.

Mica Viciconte And Fabian Cubero Were On Vacation In Mexico.

What is Mica Viciconte currently doing?

The model became famous in 2014 thanks to her participation in Combate , a program of physical challenges broadcast by Channel Nine.

Mica Viciconte Was Also A Guest On Bienvenidos A Bordo.

Currently, he continues on the channel as part of “It is in your hands ” with Edith Herminda , Tucu López and El Turco García . In addition, he conducts the radio series ” Show Attack ” on FM Top 104.9 from Monday to Friday.


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