Flor Vigna wore a bodysuit dug to the extreme and her fans did not save the praise

The dancer and participant of “La Academia” shared a series of images “Chubaca style” on her social networks.

Flor Vigna
Flor Vigna

The dancer Flor Vigna breaks it on the dance floor. After winning the “Dancing for a dream” twice, she now bet on more and performed at “La Academia” obtaining the best scores with Facu Mazzei.

Flor Vigna wore a bodysuit dug to the extreme and her fans did not save the praise

But it is also a great one on social networks, where it keeps its more than 5.2 million followers interested in each of its posts.

She takes all the interest among the admirers with the photos and videos of her professional career and also with small samples of what happens in his personal life.

Flor Vigna Instagram | Instagram
Flor Vigna Instagram | Instagram

Now Flor decided to upload a photo gallery where she can be seen wearing a playful outfit: a super cut black bodysuit and a long yellow coat made entirely of feathers.

Complete the outfit with some black boots with a very high cane and thin heels. Very produced, she sports a sauvage hairstyle with bangs and longer highlights on the sides.

Flor thanked those who made the make up, the hairstyle, the person who dressed her and the photographer who made the production and wrote: “Chubaca style ”, remembering the character Chewbacca from the movie “Star Wars”.

Flor Vigna wore a bodysuit dug to the extreme and her fans did not save the praise
Flor Vigna Instagram | Instagram

And the comments came instantly: “Explosive”, “Explain the curve to me” and his partner on the track replied: “Is it fucking? Here is biting strong ! ” next to a “Blunt”. The posting added 124 thousand “likes” in a short time.

A few days ago, Flor appeared at La Academia at the impersonation gala. And Flor decided to imitate Britney Spears. The jury gave him 27 points, one of the highest of the night.

Flor Vigna, singer

Flor Vigna suffered a new disappointment in her plan to launch herself as a singer due to the postponement of the premiere of the first songs due to the pandemic.

Flor Vigna Instagram | Instagram
Flor Vigna Instagram | Instagram

“There was not very good news regarding the music project that we are doing with my friend Tavito and the whole band. And it is re anguishing, because we have been dreaming this for a thousand years, “he said.

To later clarify: “We already have several songs written, recorded and rehearsed. But we will have to wait. But, in the end … What was it like? ‘It takes time to arrive, but in the end there is a reward.’

So for the moment she will continue to work at “La Academia”, after announcing her final separation with her ex, Nico Occhiato: “We love and appreciate each other very much. We decided, on very good terms, to separate after 7 years ”. Flor explained in March when confirming the breakup.

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