Lily Adrianne approaches her followers on instagram with her raised green bikini

The model decides to pose lying down in the first image.

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NEW ZEALAND. – This Monday Lily Adrianne again took her Instagram followers by surprise , after she published 2 snapshots in a green swimsuit .

The model decides to pose lying down in the first image, letting us appreciate her spectacular legs , as well as part of her charms, thanks to the fact that her bikini is somewhat raised .

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Lily Adrianne

In the second photograph, Lily stands up leaning on her legs and arms, revealing her amazing rear, as well as her colorful “Air Force 1”.

As is the custom of New Zealand, she chose the best possible scenario to dazzle her more than 3 million followers on Instagram with her beauty , so we can see a beautiful garden that matches Adrianne’s outfit.

Within the post we can read a description in which we are asked “ Do you like my tennis shoes? ”, To which many of his fans did not hesitate to respond positively.

Currently the publication of the model has already exceeded 110 thousand likes , in addition to having thousands of comments from her followers, who for nothing in the world let their photos go unnoticed


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