Is it a hint? Lele Pons uploaded a curious and comical video about a marital situation and fans are suspicious

“The Venezuelan influencer has generated a debate among Instagram followers, as she seems to be moving a little further in her relationship with the Puerto Rican. “

Lele Pons, Venezuelan Influencer, Instagram Influencer

UNITED STATES – Lele Pons is one of the influencer who has generated the best content on social networks in recent years. Since that historic moment in which the Venezuelan appeared in a Scooby-Doo comic sketch , the also model condemned herself to a life of fame and recognition that, today, continue to be added in the summary of her career as a celebrity.

After having fallen into a depressing frame, it has been seen that the influencer has rested a bit from the generation of content. However, little by little he has been uploading videos and photographs to his stories, in which you can see that he enjoys a better humor and that, in the same way, he is working hard on new projects. Well, it is known that the internet celebrity is involved in the world of music, modeling, acting and comedy.

However, Lele Pons has recently uploaded a video that, beyond how funny it may seem, is a kind of hint for her boyfriend, Guaynaa , with whom she has had one of the most persecuted and loved relationships in the middle of the shows . Well, the Puerto Rican and the Venezuelan have been characterized as an infallible pair, not only in terms of humor, but also sensuality and daring.

In this video, we can see Lele Pons dressed as a wedding, next to her best friend, Hannah Stocking. The Venezuelan, in this case, is in front of the groom (who is an actor) and when the ceremonist asks the question that would determine everything, Chayanne’s niece clarifies that they both accept (she and her friend). Immediately afterwards, the American kisses the groom, being motivated by the interpreter of “It shows you”, while she is hit by a bouquet of flowers that comes from nowhere.

In the caption of said video, Lele Pons wrote: “The best friends who do everything together.” Given this, Guaynaa spoke in the comment box and said: “Please, don’t do this to me,” to which thousands of likes began to rain. However, the fans perceived that the video is a hidden message, in which the Venezuelan would be waiting to marry the Puerto Rican, which would really be one of the great news of the moment.


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