Lele Pons makes the public sweat with a photo in the sea, showing her rear!

GettyImages 1357774229
GettyImages 1357774229

The influencer Lele Pons did her thing again and captivated her followers with a hot photo on networks, check it out here!

Lele Pons is one of the most well-known internet celebrities worldwide, as her comedy content has managed to steal thousands of laughs from Internet users. However, in addition to her charisma, the young woman has an unparalleled beauty that has captivated the public .

Proof of this is her most recent publication on Instagram, where she revealed her attributes by posing in a tiny bikini while holding the hand of her partner , the singer Guaynaa.

“I love my photographer”, wrote Lele Pons to accompany the publication where in the first image he stares at the camera and holds the hand of the famous, while in the second, the interpreter of “Rebota” holds the phone with an expression of alleged annoyance.

And it is that with this publication, the singer also alluded to the ritual that involves the bride and groom taking the “perfect” photo for their partners.

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This post was very well received by his community on Instagram, made up of almost 49 million followers. In the comments section, messages of appreciation reigned not only for his humor, but also his enviable physique.

“Precious”, “Ok, why do I identify with this so much?”, “I love you Lele, you are the best”, “A complete queen” and “They are the best”, are some of the responses that are read under the publication.

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