Lele Pons reveals how she went from fat to fit in only two months

Lele Pons
Lele Pons

Lele Pons is an influencer who stands out for the absolute sincerity with which she talks about herself and has already shown it on several occasions: like when she shared with all her fans the aesthetic touch-ups she had undergone and even recognized the work of her plastic surgeon, Dr. Ramtin Kassir; or recently, with the photos in which she showed her cellulite and for which she received a wave of messages of thanks on the networks. The latest revelation of the American of Venezuelan origin has not left her community of 49 million followers indifferent either: she has uploaded a video in which she shows the impressive physical transformation that she has experienced in two months thanks to exercising, healthy food, and draining massages.

Lele Pons’s three-dimensional plan

With the hashtag #cellulite, Lele Pons showed in May the cellulite she has on her thighs and which, according to experts, affects 99% of women to a greater or lesser extent. Being a universal problem, the reaction of her fans to the publication was pure gratitude and was filled with comments such as “We need more celebrities like you” or “It happens to all women and it’s normal, we shouldn’t be ashamed.” Now, Lele Pons has also made her followers participate in her path towards a healthy lifestyle; It is a plan that she has carried out for two months in which she has regularly practiced sports, she has eaten healthy, and has resorted to anti-cellulite massages with firming and draining benefits.

Along with the video in which she has documented some of the workouts she has practiced with the expert Diana Maux, Lele has written that the secret of her success has been “exercising 6 times a week, a strict meal plan, massage anti-cellulite and rest! The goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle!🔥”. Hydration has also been key and she has made sure to drink three and a half liters of water a day, although we must remember that the recommendation of the WHO (World Health Organization) is one and a half to two depending on the physical activity of each person.

The before and after of her two months of hard work leaves no room for doubt and we see how the influencer shows off a more toned and strengthened physique thanks to the functional exercises that have boosted their effectiveness thanks to accessories such as weights, Bosu balls, elastic bands, fit balls or kettlebells. “I love your perseverance and discipline. I love that you show yourself as you are. You are an example to imitate!!!”, “You are an example of starting as many times as necessary”, “Great! I’m going to motivate me too “… Her fans are happy for their idol and they have shown it in the more than seven thousand comments they have left next to the publication. 

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Written by Rachita Salian


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