Lele Pons showed her cellulite again in a mini swimsuit and shows off her change of look

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10746 LELE PLN2022 3 1

Lele Pons turned on social networks for the second time because she showed off her cellulite, which shows the love and acceptance she has for her body as it is

The youtuber Eleonora Pons Maronese, better known in the world of entertainment as Lele Pons, lasted a long time with her blonde hair, because now she surprised her more than 48.4 million followers of the Instagram social network because she wears a much darker color, for what looks brunette .

This Saturday she published some photos on his feed where it is seen that she has a beige swimsuit, and that is that she sat in front of a mirror to show herself for what could be a photo session, the striking thing about the images is cellulite that are seen

The singer Guaynaa, who is his partner, left him a comment on the publication, he told him: “You already know why I am healthy. Pure protein is eaten at home .” The publication has more than 10 thousand comments and exceeds 1 million likes.

Pons has tried to instill in women the issue of accepting their bodies , because what is highly criticized for many, for others is usually the most common because it is a process of change. However, there are countless women who edit photos of this type after feeling ashamed about it.

The also model has made it clear that it is a process that deals with self-love that everyone definitely assumes. However, sometimes a certain push is needed to be able to admire natural beauty.

This would not be the first time that the Venezuelan presenter has made a call for conscience, and that is that on April 21 she made a similar publication, the difference was that it was accompanied by an emotional message.

“Show your cellulite, exposing me! I have always been super insecure when it comes to my cellulite! I try to hide it as much as I can in the photos. But today I won’t! This is me naturally . Who cares if others judge… Accept yourself and be confident ,” she wrote.

The clothing on this occasion was completely different from the most recent because in the one of the month of April it is seen that she wears black shorts that go up to be able to show off each part of her figure in a quite proud way.

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