The Definitive Solution Against Baldness: The Micro-Transplant


Of course, the aesthetic problem that has concerned men has always been combating hair loss. Far from the “miracle” remedies of yesteryear, today we have a definitive and effective technique to combat it, the capillary micro-transplant.

Hair micro transplantation is a method to solve alopecia problems that consist of using the patient’s hair to cover the areas where capillary depopulation occurs. It is a relatively simple procedure that is done with local anesthesia and with fast and definitive resultsIt involves extracting hair from populated areas (generally the nape) and transplanting it in the part where the baldness is.

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There are different techniques taking care of two points, the way to extract the follicle and the way to graft it. Regarding the extraction, a strip or strip technique can be made (a horizontal strip of skin is taken from the nape or sides from where the follicles will be removed using a partition with special microscopes) or the Follicular Unit Extraction (more expensive because directly extracts the follicular units one by one). Regarding implantation techniques depending on the way the grafts are distributed, we can speak of a mini-graft (repopulated with groups of 3-4 to 10-12 follicles) or micrograft (repopulation with follicular units in the area of birth and entrances and with groups of 1- 2 or 2-3 follicles on the crown). The latter is the most used because it achieves the best results.

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In any case, a natural and permanent final result is guaranteed (by transplanting areas safe from the alopecia gene), without sequelae or side effects, since it is an outpatient surgery, in which the patient does not even have to be admitted and whose post-operative only lasts a few days. After treatment, the patient can return to his usual rhythm of life.

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