Rhinomodelation: Operating The Nose Without Surgery, Cuts, Or Anesthesia Is Already Possible


The nose is an area of the face that stands out the most and which, in turn, assumes one of the most important functions in our body. Therefore, it is important to take care of it and be vigilant so that it is in full swing and does not prevent us from leading our daily life normally. Therefore, you choose well you have to know when to submit an aesthetic intervention of Rinomodelación .

For genetic reasons or because of some accident or blow, for example, our nose may have suffered a wrong formation, causing a mismatch with the rest of our features. In these cases, it is necessary to remake your profile not only to improve its appearance and make it more harmonious with the rest of the face, but also to help improve breathing and greatly facilitate the entry and exit of air.

Rhinomodelation – Dr. Ulises Gomez

Finding ourselves with an unattractive and / or poorly functional nose is a very common situation in our environment, however, the vast majority of people with this problem decide not to take the step for fear of surgical intervention , anesthesia, the possible days of low, cuts and scars, etc.

But medicine is advancing by leaps and bounds and, in cases where a slight malformation can occur, there is a solution that does not require surgery or hospitalization, that does not cause pain, no cuts, or scalpel and that allows you to return to daily life in less than a hour. It is the Rhinomodelation or, as some have wanted to call it, Rhinoplasty without surgery.

What Is Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty? Risks and Results of Nose Fillers | Allure

The Rinomodelación consists of the infiltration of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a type of substance already present in our organism, which allows the total acceptance and the absence of secondary effects. In Polyclinic Barcelona , we also use one of the highest quality and prestigious HA on the market, Juvederm from Laboratorios Allergan. In addition, the treatment is effective instantly, being able to see the effects at the moment. It takes about 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the patient, and has a permanent duration.

During the infiltrations, the doctor molds the structure of the nose until it is consistent and in harmony with the rest of the patient’s face. With this treatment, the angle of the nose can be corrected (make it more or less upturned), make it longer or shorter and eliminate the central hump.

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