Yanet García raises her rear to the camera wearing only a string panties

Yanet García delights showing her rear and leaves little to the imagination

Yanet García raises her rear to the camera wearing only a string panties
Yanet Garcia ruling the hearts with these photos

Yanet García knows how to delight her millions of followers with her hot photos. “La Chica del Clima” enjoys showing her more than 15 million followers her sensual poses in which she displays all her attributes.

The model takes advantage of her statuesque body and overflowing sensuality to publish exclusive content on her OnlyFans account. However, Yanet gives her Instagram followers a few of her spectacular curves that she usually delights all her fans.

That is why the beautiful presenter published a photo wearing nothing more than an animal print bikini that highlighted her skin tone very well. But the eyes of all netizens automatically focused on the voluptuous rear of the model.

Yanet decided to pose with her back turned slightly to the camera and lifting her buttocks. Her voluptuous rear of hers only wore a string panty that left everything exposed.

More than 1,300 people commented on the sensual photo of the model.

“Too beautiful”, “Mommy you are unique”, “You are super good archi recontra”, “For me, you are the best of all”, “I love you even if you do not know that I exist”, where some of the comments left by his followers in the post.

Yanet Garcia is one of the few artists who decided to open her Onlyfans account with exclusive content, which costs $20 per subscription.

However, on one occasion a user complained that García’s content on Onlyfans was similar to what he published on his social networks, always wearing bikinis and lingerie, never showing anything more explicit. Another large part of her audience seems to have no problem with that and they enjoy Yanet’s hot post.

Without a doubt, the model has not done badly professionally despite the fact that she recently starred in a controversy.

Recently, Yanet García was the target of controversy after she suggested that her ex-boyfriend Lewis Howes was unfaithful to her with Martha Higareda.

She confessed to her followers that it hurt her a lot that after “two weeks” her ex-boyfriend was already enjoying a trip with Martha Higareda, his current girlfriend.

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