Karely Ruiz “give” herself a luxurious truck thanks to OnlyFans; How much does it cost and how is it inside?

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The model gave herself a little taste after having added 2.4 million followers on Instagram

One of the women who has given the note in recent times is Karely Ruiz, the young woman from Monterrey who has made some appearances on television and who has since left half of Mexico in love. 

The 21-year-old girl has been able to take advantage of her beauty very well, because since she decided to open an account on the popular OnlyFans platform , she has done wonderfully, so much so that she herself announced that she took her parents out of work to give them a decent life.

In the same way, she was about to make a controversy when, after visiting former movie star Andrés García at her home in AcapulcoGuerrero , she ended up in a hospital bed and with a deplorable picture. However, days later she herself clarified that it was a routine procedure to stay in optimal health conditions.

Karely Ruiz gives herself a little treat

Returning to the fruit of her effort, the 21-year-old girl showed off a little over a week ago a self-gift, the fruit of her effort: a huge black truck. It was through her Instagram account where she published a couple of photos where she explained that she gave it to her after reaching 2.4 million followers.

With a slight smile, Karely Ruiz posed in front of the vehicle. Of course, true to her sensuality, she wore a blouse with a huge neckline and denim pants that perfectly matched her hips.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

However, many of her followers, in addition to congratulating her, asked her about the technical sheet of her cart. Although she did not answer them, here are some details in case anyone is interested in acquiring a similar model. 

It is a 2022 Chevrolet Silverado pickup whose interior is very luxurious:

  • Engine: 2.7L turbo efficient 
  • Enclosure: with Durabed and spray-on bedliner
  • Load capacity: up to 975 kg
  • Towing capacity: up to 4 thousand 400 kg
  • Cost: from 800 thousand pesos
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