Yanet García hits with a squat in a tight sports outfit | PHOTO

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Yanet Garcia Melts Instagram With A Photo In A Tiny Bikini
Yanet Garcia melts Instagram with a photo in a tiny bikini

Yanet García has been characterized by having a worked body, for this reason, she showed one of the exercises with which she stays in shape

Yanet García again made an impact with one of her photos on Instagram, as she was seen exercising wearing a sports outfit with which she stole glances and won thousands of “likes”. The model is recognized for her work body and having a healthy life, so this is not the first time she has worn such a piece.

Since she became “the weather girl”, the young woman from Monterrey, Nuevo León, has gained many fans, something that is reflected in her social networks such as Instagram, where she already has 14.7 million followers. On this platform, in addition to showing her most sensual side, she has also shown that she is interested in physical well-being, which is why she is studying nutrition. 

Yanet García Hits With A Squat In A Tight Sports Outfit | Photo
Yanet García Shines In Networks Photo: Ig @Iamyanetgarcia

Yanet García shows how to do a squat

After spending a few days in the Bahamas, where she wore flirty bikinis and showed off the beautiful landscapes, the influencer is back in New York City, in the United States. Yanet García showed that she resumed her daily routine by teaching one of her most acclaimed exercises: squats, with which she has achieved an enviable figure. 

“Hold the vision, Trust the process. @yanetgarciahealthcoach” (Keep the vision, trust the process), was the phrase used by the model, who wears a blue sports outfit, a piece that in addition to modeling her figure, allows you to do the exercises optimally. In addition, in her description, she tagged her alternate account  Yanet Garcia Health Coach, in which she uploads healthy living tips, routines, and some food recipes. 

Yanet García Hits With A Squat In A Tight Sports Outfit | Photo
Yanet García Shows How To Do A Squat Photo: Ig @Iamyanetgarcia

Yanet García rose to fame as ‘ La Chica del Clima’ in ‘Gente Regia’, broadcast in her hometown, due to her popularity she went to the ‘Hoy’ program. However, despite her fame, she moved to the United States with her ex-partner  De Ella Lewis Howes, now the boyfriend of Martha Higareda. Currently, she is focusing on her career as a healthy life coach and uploading content to her OnlyFans platform, where she shows off flirty lingerie and bikini outfits. 


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