Stranger Things Season 3: Hopper will suffer because of Eleven

Stranger Things Season 3 Hopper will suffer because of Eleven
Stranger Things Season 3 Hopper will suffer because of Eleven

Season 3 of Stranger Things (Netflix) will be once again eventful for Hopper, the character of David Harbor. Nothing to do with an Underworld monster this time, it’s Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) that should lead him hard. Attention spoilers.

Appointment in 2019 to discover the season 3 of Stranger Things. Fortunately for us, David Harbor (Hopper) is never stingy in revelations to help us wait and once again let himself go to some confidences with The Wrap. Thus, according to the comedian, this new year will see his character face a thing even more terrifying than a monster of the World in the Back.

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Hopper will suffer because of Eleven

What is he talking about ? From … normality. And you’re going to see it, it’s very funny: “The interesting thing about Hopper is that he’s really good at times of crisis, he’s very good at hitting people, solving crimes and being a man. But when there are no crimes, he just needs to raise a teenage girl who becomes a woman, I think that’s probably her biggest challenge, it’s probably more terrifying than any Demogorgon “.

A statement that assures us a little light next year with very amusing scenes, which should reassure fans who are afraid of a too dark season. And at the same time, it makes us want to support poor Hopper. We discovered during season 2, when Eleven is not happy, she is able to sow chaos in a whole house. Therefore, it seems obvious that mixing his powers to an adolescent crisis can only give an explosive result. Courage…

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