“Where Is It Second?”, Netflix movie with Noomi Rapace, wins the Best trailer

what happened to monday
what happened to monday

[UPDATE] The film won an official Portuguese title: “Where Is It Second?”. Netflix also released the captioned trailer, available below:

“Seven Sisters”, new film by Noomi Rapace (Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish films of the trilogy “Millenium”), won a new trailer on Monday … and also a new title!


Now the film is called “What Happened to Monday”. The whole plot revolves around that question. In history, the year is 2073 and Willem Dafoe’s character, living in an overpopulated world with strong reproductive laws – just one child per family – creates his seven granddaughters: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! All are played by Noomi.

They have the right to leave home only on the day of their respective names, all using the same pseudonym, Karen Settman, so the government does not suspect anything. Only Monday ends up disappearing and her sisters need to find her.

Who is also in the cast is Glenn Close in the role of Nicolette Cayman, the head of the government’s Birth Control Board.

“What Happened to Monday” is directed by Norwegian Tommy Wirkola (“Dead Snow”), scripted by Kerry Williamson and Max Botkin and enters the Netflix catalog on August 18. Who’s there?

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