Game of Thrones season 8: reunion between Jon Snow and Sansa in a first teaser

Season 8 first teaser
Season 8 first teaser

For those who can not wait for the release of the Game of Thrones season 8 programmed in 2019, HBO has just put the first images online through a teaser. And on this occasion, it is Jon Snow and Sansa who draw our attention. Attention spoilers.

Game of Thrones unveils

It will be necessary to wait until 2019 to discover the season 8 of Game of Thrones. But while the creators of fiction try by all means to avoid the slightest leak so as not to see the final being ruined by the spoilers, HBO has already put online the first few images in a particular trailer.

As you can see in our slideshow, the American channel has indeed made a recap of its upcoming programs in the coming months. The opportunity to discover the first images of the new seasons of Big Little Lies, True Detective or Camping (a novelty by Jennifer Garner) and Veep, and therefore Game of Thrones.

Homecoming and mistrust

So we will not hide it, many passages from previous seasons. However, one can nevertheless attend the reunion unpublished between Jon Snow and Sansa. Remember, at the end of season 7 the Stark’s half-brother was absent to negotiate a truce with the Lannisters so that the whole kingdom would unite against the White Walkers.

And if Sansa does not seem totally happy to see Jon Snow in the excerpt in question, we have a little theory to explain that. The heroine of Sophie Turner has never hidden her concern about this truce and the presence of Daenerys among them. And our little finger tells us that the Targaryen is precisely present in this scene and that it is to her that the wary eyes of Sansa are directed.

What so hope a first intense encounter between these two women of power to strong character and expect some exciting scenes. After all, Sam may have already shared his discovery about Jon’s family tree and its consequences …

What do you think?

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