Ninel Conde showed her toned abdomen and legs during one of her shows

Ninel Conde showed off her great body with a daring outfit

Ninel Conde showed her toned abdomen and legs during one of her shows

Ninel CountThe Mexican actress Ninel Conde appeared this Friday in Veracruz, Mexico, with one of her shows, in which she wore various outfits with which she showed off her great body.

The “Bombón Asesino” wore a two-piece aquamarine outfit to give it all on the stage for the 125th anniversary of the Tuxpan carnival, according to the information she posted on her Instagram account.

“ Thank you for my chocolates from Tuxpan, Veracruz. Thank you for your love and delivery. Thanks to all my work team. See you tomorrow in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I love you” , wrote the artist.

Before this presentation, Ninel Conde had shown her excitement at participating in these carnivals “Tuxpan we meet again after the pandemic. Today we will be in the 125th Anniversary of the carnival of Tuxpan, Veracruz; by day on the tour and at night, of course, the killer hottie show”, she wrote in another post on her official Instagram account.

Her followers left him hundreds of comments about this appearance. Some messages they wrote to him were: “I love this image. Your essence as a human and everything about you are unique, my beautiful, you deserve success more and more… with everything!! I love you, your fan club president in Spain”, “Have a good weekend Ninel, good luck in your plans forever with you”, “Thank you for being a real hottie”, “How beautiful, it was a pleasure to have you here in Tuxpan, Veracruz. This is your house”.

Ninel Conde in the program ‘Hoy’

A few days ago, the celebrity went to the morning show to talk about her participation in ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’. On this occasion, the Mexican commented that after this experience she is now more of a fan of people who are dedicated to imitation.

He indicated that the coaches have been an important help for him to achieve the different characterizations of celebrities.

“In my presentations and shows, I have songs by Selena and Jennifer, but I sing them my way, style. Obviously as a tribute, but not how she does her hand, how she walks, it’s so many details, ”she said.

The artist also spoke about her transformation into Bad Bunny, one of her most celebrated appearances by the jury and the public.

Ninel Conde explained that she went to one of the Bad Rabbit concerts, prior to the gala, to be more clear about each of the details that the singer does on stage.

He added that they play the original videos of the artists’ presentations to imitate as much as possible the character that touched him.

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