Mhoni Vidente reveals that Maite Perroni may be expecting Andrés Tovar.

Mhoni Vidente described the actress as “Rebelde” and “crafty,” recalling that this is not the first time she has intervened in a couple’s marriage.

Mhoni Vidente Reveals That Maite Perroni Could Be Pregnant With Andres Tovar

Maite Perroni, a famous Mexican actress, confirmed her relationship with television producer Andrés Tovar a few days ago, but the announcement was not well received by all because they accused her of being the third in discord that caused her current situation. The couple will divorce their friend, the actress Claudia Martn, so the protagonist of “Dark Desire” has been in the eye of the hurricane, and to add to the controversy, the renowned fortune teller, Mhoni Vidente, suggested that Maite Perroni could be pregnant by the producer.

“It comes to light because Maite Perroni is pregnant, and if she isn’t, she has five minutes to go,” Mhoni Vidente explained to El Heraldo de México. “They brought out that they already have a relationship and that they have already been living together for four months.”

It is worth noting that Mhoni Vidente stated that she has known Andrés Tovar for a long time because they worked together on other television projects and that she witnessed the birth of the producer’s relationship with Claudia Martn. She also stated that before marrying, he perceived that the producer was not convinced to unite his life with that of the actress.

“Andrés Tovar married this beautiful girl (Claudia Martn) in 2019 (…) because I saw them before getting married, because they invited me to an event, I already saw them very strange before getting married, like Andrés, very obliged, He has always been very loving, He has always been very flirtatious,” Mhoni Vidente said.

Maite Perroni is “creative.”

In addition to speculating that Maite Perroni is pregnant, Mhoni Vidente described the “Rebelde” actress as “crafty,” recalling that this is not the first time she has intervened in a couple’s marriage in order to win the love of a man.

“Right now they bring her that she is” steals husbands “because Andrés was already married, and he even wanted to sue Claudia because they brought her up in a magazine for defamation, but after six months it comes out that yes (…) remember that he was also with William Levy, who was also married, and his wife Elizabeth went and took it off, and that’s when you realise that when someone is crafty about hanging out with married men, it doesn’t come off you,” said

To conclude, Mhoni Vidente issued a warning to Maite Perroni, stating that “everything in this life is karmatic,” and that she must take care of herself because everything she did could be done to her. “Maite, you are no longer a girl, you have to behave at the highest level, at least at the time I would not have said anything why you are offended if the one who spits up falls on his face,” concluded the seer, who believes Claudia Mart will be rewarded “with a good man.”


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