Hold your breath before you see what Salma Hayek looked like more than 30 years ago

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Salma Hayek 1
Salma Hayek 1

The 55-year-old Mexican actress Salma Hayek is one of the great Latin artists who came to Hollywood to succeed with her work. She currently resides in London with her husband, French fashion businessman François-Henri Pinault, and their daughter Valentina. 

Salma Hayek is very active on social networks where she has already accumulated more than 21 million followers from all latitudes and for them, she shares photos of her best poses, looks, trips, family moments, and previews of her work as an actress or as a producer. the face that premiered recently. 

In any case, Salma Hayek always becomes a topic of conversation on social networks thanks to her fans who do not lose track of her. Now, a photo of her went viral on the social network of her little bird, and it is the one that the actress used to appear at her casting in her adolescence. 

“Beautifull! This was the casting photo used by  Salma Hayek in 1995,” wrote a user on Twitter. In the postcard that everyone shared, the actress is seen to be quite simple, she has a sober look, straight black hair, delicate make-up, and few accessories.

Hold Your Breath Before You See What Salma Hayek Looked Like More Than 30 Years Ago

This post of Salma Hayek drew attention because it dates back more than 35 years, when both she and her best friend Penélope Cruz moved to the city of Los Angeles, leaving their homes and family, to try their luck before the production of various films. , and they succeeded! 

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