Salma Hayek, five things you didn’t know about the actress

If you are a big fan of the famous Mexican actress Salma Hayek, you will surely find it interesting to know some curiosities about her life

T Salma Hayek On Harvey Weinstein
t Salma Hayek on Harvey Weinstein

If you are a big fan of the famous Mexican actress Salma Hayek, surely you want to know more about her life and personality, that is why we have given ourselves the task of collecting the five most interesting facts that very few know.

Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek, five things you didn’t know about the actress Source: Instagram: @salmahayek

1 Could have been a gymnast

Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek

She recently shared that she had a very fruitful past in sports during her childhood, as she was even shortlisted for the Olympic team at just 8 years of age, however, her father decided that it would be better to continue leading as calm a life as possible. .

2. Rescue animals

Salma Hayekk
Salma Hayekk

Salma Hayek ‘s connection with the natural environment is very strong, which is why she has not hesitated to open a small animal shelter on a large ranch that she owns. In it she receives those animals that do not have a home or that need very expensive medical support.


3. Her fear of snakes

Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek

Despite what many might believe, the actress had a great fear of snakes for several years, which she had to overcome for the recordings of the tape ‘From dusk to dawn’. The treatment was to receive hypnosis therapy for two months.

4 Has claustrophobia

Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek

Continuing with her phobias, the artist has revealed that she is afraid of being in closed and very small spaces. Once again, she found herself in need of overcoming this phobia to play her role in ‘Eternals’, since her suit was too tight on her.

5. She won very little in ‘Frida’

Salma Hayek In 1995
Salma Hayek In 1995

In addition to being one of her most famous films, the biopic ‘Firda’ also meant a painful process for Salma Hayek . Part of the injustices that she endured was the fact that her payment for all her work resulted in only 2 thousand dollars, since she was forced to donate part of her earnings to continue filming. .

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