Salma Hayek will be sporting beautiful braids till the Oscars in 2023

salma hayek bikini 7
salma hayek bikini 7

Salma Hayek, who has a timeless beauty, attends the pre-Oscar 2023 party with two magnificent braids.

Salma Hayek, who has been steadily improving over the years, stuns with a timeless appearance at the pre-Oscar 2023 party. Because of her easygoing demeanour and encompassing charisma, she quickly becomes the evening’s favourite.

About last night…”, reads below the post

Her hairstyle stole the show on this occasion, as she reminded us of her Mexican roots, which are so deeply planted in her heart, while also providing us with one of the trends for next summer.

Salma Hayek wore a white silk gown that highlighted her skin in stark contrast to her tan. The refined and straightforward appearance was the most popular.

Salma Hayek carries palo santo in her bag

The most remarkable praises were “the most beautiful woman in the room”, “timeless beauty”, “Goddess born in Coatzacoalcos”, “you look wonderful”, “How is it possible to look so good?”, “A Greek goddess!”, “I love it, apart from that, you can tell that everyone likes her”.

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