Disney will remove from Netflix all the contents of Star Wars and Marvel

Disney Will Remove From Netflix All The Contents Of Star Wars And Marvel

They will be exclusive to their new streaming platform. The details.

Disney announced that it will remove all Star Wars and Marvel material from Netflix to have it exclusively on its new streaming platform, which they estimate will be released in late 2019.

The news, according to Variety reports, was released by Disney CEO Bob Iger during an investor conference with Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media.

“We have now decided that we will put all of Star Wars and Marvel in our new app as well. Let’s throw it big and well,” Iger said.

This measure supposes the end of the negotiations with Netflix, who looked for to have the rights of transmission for these contents.

The word of Netflix

After the news spread, the streaming platform came out quickly to calm the waters.

“As with Disney films, Netflix members will have access to Marvel and Star Wars movies in service until 2019,”

“This includes all of its film premieres until the end of 2018. These changes only apply to members in the United States,” they said.


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