Alexa Dellanos dazzles her fans with her dazzling curves

So far, the publication of the model and influencer has accumulated more than 90 thousand “Likes” on Instagram.

Alexa Dellanos dazzles her fans with her dazzling curves

This Wednesday, the model and YouTuber Alexa Dellanos drove her followers crazy on Instagram after sharing a series of photographs and a clip that emphasizes her enormous and sculptural rear.

In the first image, we find the model in a car, curving her body and turning slightly to the camera, however, her enormous rear is what quickly takes center stage and ‘raises’ the temperature of the followers.

Alexa 1
Alexa Dellanos

In the second photograph, she is seen standing in what appears to be a museum and wearing sensual sneakers that highlight her buttocks, coupled with her innocent face makes her followers completely lose themselves in the fantasy of being with her.

In the third photograph and in the foreground, Alexa Dellanos climbs some stairs, however, right in front of us, we find the huge rear guard stealing all the prominence of the image again.

Alexa 2
Alexa Dellanos

Finally, Dellanos shares a small clip where she is seen walking in a corridor, but her face or her already small waist is not observed, but her buttocks again, which move like a clock from one side to the other, capturing everything attention.

The influencer with more than 4.9 million followers on Instagram, in just 4 hours the publication reached 90 thousand “likes” and almost a thousand comments highlighting her beauty, and how charming she is.

Alexa 3
Alexa Dellanos

Beautiful ”,“ Beautiful girl ”,“ Your hair! ”,“ Barbie in real life ”, were some of the comments in the publication.



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