Alexa Dellanos modeled in a beach outfit

Alexa Dellanos shares her plans and projects in addition to her flirtatious content.
Alexa Dellanos shares her plans and projects in addition to her flirtatious content.

The beautiful American model was with a professional photographer who was in charge of capturing her beauty in a beach outfit that was too small.

In the modeling industry for social networks there is the possibility of collaborating, Alexa Dellanos not only joins forces with other models but also with some photographers who are highly recognized, who are of course responsible for doing their job in the best way and It is quite noticeable in the quality of the snapshots, that is exactly what we saw on this occasion.

It is a piece of entertainment that she announced through her stories, assuring us that she had been working with an important photography professional, who by the way is also her friend.

In the image, we can see that she was wearing a beach suit so small that she literally could not with her great beauty, barely what was necessary, but her fans took the opportunity to enjoy her presence on screen a little.

The “likes” began to arrive and thousands of them gathered at Anthony Films, the profile of the young man this time worked with her and that he was also very happy to be able to continue expanding and reaching more people, he loves his work and many of the Influencer fans agree that they would love him too if it came to photographing beautiful girls.

In the comments some other models are also willing to participate in a photo shoot of such an excellent level as the ones the young man handles, of course, they work perfectly to attract more and more users and also take advantage of inviting them to the payment website.


Alexa Dellanos is very happy to be able to follow her path, making her way in the industry that she likes the most and always thinking of continuing to improve herself.

On some occasions, she has received negative comments from Internet users who consider that she should follow in the footsteps of her mother, Myrka Dellanos, a famous television presenter in the United States, but apparently, she is not interested in that activity and that is why He prefers to stay in modeling and continue fulfilling his dreams.

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