Alexa Dellanos models her incredible figure with a tight pink top on Instagram

On this occasion, the influencer decided to model from a golf course.

Alexa Dellanos

Today, Alexa Dellanos caused a sensation among her followers on Instagram, after uploading 4 snapshots in a fascinating outfit.

On this occasion, the influencer decided to model from a golf course, so in the first photograph, we can see her next to a cart, while wearing a pink hat, and a top of the same color, which perfectly accentuates her great charms.

For the second image, Alexa appears sitting in the cart, while she leans slightly to one side, making us witnesses of her spectacular abdomen.

Within the third photo, the socialite reappears standing up, but now adjusting her hat, and directing her gaze to the side, wasting all her beauty.

Finally, the American is shown sideways, allowing us to appreciate her great rear, while her long blonde hair runs all over her back.

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