They assure that Alexa Dellanos surpassed Thalía in having the smallest waist in the artistic medium

In social networks, he assures that Thalía went out of style and that now Alexa Dellanos is the owner of the smallest waist in the middle.

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United States.- Once again social networks doing their own thing by comparing two great women such as Alexa Dellanos and Thalía to compete who has the smallest waist, and everything seems to indicate that the American took the podium from the Mexican.

The person in charge of putting it up for discussion and who has already cast her vote for Alexa Dellanos was the show host Shanik Berman who, with a video on her Instagram account, announced that the Mexican Thalía had already been left behind and that now the woman with the waist smaller in the artistic milieu is another.

“She beat Thalía, the smallest waist in the artistic medium now belongs to Alexa Dellanos, the daughter of Luis Miguel’s ex,” reads the publication where he also shares a video showing the images of Alexa Dellanos showing off her waist.

What is a reality is that Alexa Dellanos in the latest publications on her social networks has made it clear that her waist is getting smaller, but without revelations of any trick or if she underwent surgery to achieve it. What you can see is that although your waist is very small, it does not look bad with the rest of your body where it is noticeable that the volume is greater.

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Alexa Dellanos (Left) And Thalía (Right) Showing Off Their Tiny Waist | Photo: Special

As for Thalía, she has also been in charge of reminding people that at 49 years of age she is still one of the most attractive women in the world with or without the smallest waist.

Alexa Dellanos is not a woman who has to compete with any other, she focuses on sharing the content that she likes and in which 100% of the time she looks like one of the most beautiful in the world of social networks.


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