Xiaomi surprises Apple and announces its Smart Glasses that take photos and make calls

These Xiaomi smart glasses are also capable of real time translations and allow you to see your notifications.
These Xiaomi smart glasses are also capable of real time translations and allow you to see your notifications.

Xiaomi officially presents a prototype of its Smart Glasses , the new smart glasses that will be able to take pictures, make calls, read translations in real time, as well as display notifications and messages. Know all its characteristics here.

According to Andro4all details, these glasses are quite light (they weigh 51 grams) and have about 497 components, among which are a quad-core ARM processor, a 5 MP resolution camera, microphone, speakers, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, a great battery, etc.

The Smart Glasses have an integrated display (monochrome) of 0.13 inch using a technology MicroLed 2.4 x 2.02 mm. When it comes to brightness, it manages to max out at 2 million nits .

Remember that smartphones have around 400 nits. Xiaomi decided to increase them to that amount so that the user does not have display problems when they are outdoors and in very intense sunlight.

According to the Chinese company, these smart glasses are not a complement to the smartphone, but a totally independent wearable, since it allows the user to perform certain actions that they commonly do with the cell phone.

To take a photo, for example, the person must use a voice command or touch the pins of these glasses that work with the Android operating system and have an assistant called XiaoAI.

Xiaomi showed its Smart Glasses a few hours before  held its virtual event, where it would present its iPhone 13 and other products, among which would be its own smart glasses.

Xiaomi: will 120W ultra fast charging affect your next phone’s battery?

In the next few days,  Xiaomi will launch its new high-end smartphone. We refer to the  Xiaomi 11T Pro , a phone that will come with an ultra-fast 120 W  charger  that will allow 100% of the battery to be charged in just 23 minutes.

The “HyperCharge” technology developed by Xiaomi generated suspicions among users, who believe that it will end up ruining the longevity of the batteries. The Asian firm came out to deny that this is going to happen.


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