Apple Watch Series 7 is official: more resistance, more screen and a new interface

The Apple Watch Series 7 comes with a much larger screen.
The Apple Watch Series 7 comes with a much larger screen.

The new model of the famous Watch has been presented. The new smart watch, officially known as Apple Watch Series 7, comes this time with a much larger screen than its predecessors and durability not seen before on a smartwatch of Apple.

The presentation carried out this last September 14 also included the long-awaited new iPhone 13 and iPad models . The streaming was carried out through the official accounts of the ‘apple’ brand; that is, you can see them again on Apple’s Twitter, and  .

Rumors indicated that the Apple Watch Series 7 would have a change in its design and it was. At the Apple event , the watch display was shown to have 40% fewer beveled edges ; that is, the reach of the display panel is edge-to-edge. Also, it will have 70% more brightness indoors, a significant jump compared to the old models.

The body of the smartwatch , however, has not undergone too many modifications. It continues to have a rounded shape, with the crown located in the upper right. The main case is made of aluminum and, like the display panel, has a more pronounced curvature than in the previous generation.

Regarding the interface, users will be able to enjoy 50% more available text, due to the aforementioned screen enlargement. In addition, Apple emphasized the marked resistance of the new device, which comes with an ultra-damage-resistant glass and a WD50 resistance.

If you are interested in acquiring the new Apple Watch , it is available starting at $ 399 in the colors green, blue, product red, white and midnight, as observed in the California Streaming.


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