Windows 11: list of motherboards compatible with the new version of the operating system

Motherboard manufacturers are already beginning to advertise their products as “suitable for Windows 11”. Photo: Microsoft.

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Windows 11 specifications are still a matter of debate even for Microsoft itself. These are all processor-compatible motherboards required by the system.

Building a PC from scratch can be difficult for most people, but it seems that Windows 11 will make many consider renovating some (or perhaps all) of their personal computer. The minimum requirements for the new operating system are still not entirely clear, but at least we already have an official list of compatible processors and, therefore, motherboards that support them.

One of the biggest surprises on the compatibility list for Windows 11 is the lack of support for first-gen Ryzen CPUs . These, although not so old, do not have some key points in their architecture to support the new system. In Intel’s case , no pre-Coffee Lake chip will suffice.

Despite these first scopes, Microsoft has already promised a “review” to consider the possibility of increasing compatibility, but for now, many OEM component manufacturers have taken the opportunity to gain some notoriety with their Windows 11 ready products .

Among them, perhaps the most important when putting together a new build are those that manufacture motherboards (motherboards) , since these parts are the first thing to consider when building a new PC, since all components installed on it it must be compatible.

If we start from the fact that Microsoft has already ensured that all motherboards with TPM 2.0 are compatible (and even reduced the necessary version to 1.2), then we can indicate that most motherboard models released in the last decade are compatible.

List of motherboards compatible with Windows 11
To make the list more specific, here we present the models manufactured by both Intel and AMD, suitable for Windows 11.


It should be remembered that some boards may have TPM support disabled, although this only happens in rare cases when a fairly outdated CPU is installed. Even so, there may still be changes to the compatibility list for Windows 11 , although it is likely that it was only expanded and not the other way around.


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