WhatsApp: what does the heart-shaped hands emoji mean and how to use it?

WhatsApp has endless funny, cute and strange emoticons. Here we tell you what one of the most peculiar emojis wants to express.

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WhatsApp: what does the heart-shaped hands emoji mean and how to use it?

WhatsApp offers almost three thousand emoticons on its interface for users to use in their day-to-day lives through the chats of the instant messaging application. It does not matter if you use Android or iOS, both operating systems have the full repertoire of emojis of the app, although with some minor differences in design.

The truth is that, although each of these icons was illustrated with a goal in mind, Internet users end up giving them their own meanings. For example, for younger generations, the crying emoticon does not convey sadness, but is used to indicate that someone is ‘dying of laughter’.

This happens because it is not always clearly understood what the original purpose of all smilies was. In this case, the emoji of the hands making a heart shape has caused a stir among WhatsApp consumers, but here we clarify how to use it.

During the month of November, the green application launched a pack of 30 new emoticons, among which the pregnant man, the mouth that bites his lips and the money gesture stands out. Next to them, there are yellow hands that imitate the shape of a heart.

What does the emoji of the hands that make a heart mean?

According to Emojipedia, a site specialized in storing and delimiting the meanings of the three thousand emojis that WhatsApp houses, the emoticon of the hands that form a heart was not primarily intended to express romantic love, but rather a more platonic love, which indicates a level of esteem and affection towards the person who receives it.

It was originally referred to as ‘heart hands emoji’ during its approval by Unicode in 2021. It is expected that this and the rest of the new designs will arrive soon on all devices that have the WhatsApp program.

Don’t forget that the yellow color of this icon is just a standard. It is manipulable and the application offers a variety of skin tones to choose from, as well as the rest of the figures you use on a daily basis.


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