WhatsApp: the app will need access to your most recent messages to report a contact

WhatsApp’s new policy for reviewing reported messages requires the application to access your conversations to limit the severity of the offense. Next, we tell you all the details of this function.

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Just as you read it. WhatsApp has updated its protocol for reviewing messages reported for violating the application’s terms of use. This time, the application will ask for your permission to access the last five messages of the chat with the person you are reporting. How about?

The consequences of this function can culminate in the termination of an account permanently. However, to determine the severity level of the violation, the five messages sent between both users are key.

This information was made public thanks to the WhatsApp beta trial version for Android, in which the update was announced and the review process made transparent. According to what is known, your alert is sent to a group of engineers, who read the five most recent messages exchanged by those involved and decide what sanction to apply.

Therefore, you must be very careful when you make a complaint, since it may happen that in the last messages of the conversation nothing incriminating appears and it is discarded.

How to report on WhatsApp?

Do you want to know how to report one or more messages in the app? First, go to your chat tray and touch the name of the contact or group that you want to alert WhatsApp about. Your profile information will open. Then, slide your finger towards the bottom of the screen and touch the option that says Report contact or, in any case, Report group. Ready! Now, if you have the beta version, a window will appear with the request to access your chats and your interactions with the person in question.

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