What phrases was replaced with “Ok, Google” to activate the assistant of the famous search engine?

The Google Assistant has officially replaced the phrases that activate it on mobile devices. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading this note to find out.

Ok Google
The Google Assistant will be activated with other new phrases. Photo: Google

Google has a new way to activate your assistant and it is no longer Ok Google. Officially, you can say goodbye to the old phrase and turn your attention to a series of expressions devised by the company itself for the bot to carry out your daily tasks.

According to the 9to5google medium, the new function has been coined with the name of Quick phrases, which in Spanish would be Quick phrases, and consists of giving you the possibility, as a user, to configure the list of activating phrases of your Google assistant in your mobile device.

The codes to activate the activities and commands of your Google assistant are called “sauces” and you can use the ones suggested by the operating system or come up with your own. Use your imagination!

The 9to5google website was able to access an early version of this feature and released a list of these default sentences that Google offers to your smartphone. However, they are not fixed options and you can customize each of them.

  • Set alarms: Set an alarm for 7 am.
  • Cancel alarms: Cancel the alarm.
  • Show alarms: What time is my alarm set?
  • Send transmissions: Send a transmission.
  • Answer calls: Answer and Reject.
  • Ask about the time: What time is it?
  • Ask about the weather: What’s the weather like?
  • Turn the lights on and off: Turn the lights on.
  • Turn the lights on and off: Increase the brightness.
  • Volume control: Turn up the volume.
  • Pause and resume music: Pause music.
  • Skip tracks: Skip this song.
  • Set timers: Set a timer for two minutes.
  • Cancel timers: Cancel the timer.
  • Pause and resume timers: Pause timer.
  • Reset timers: Reset timer.
  • Show timers: How much time is left?
  • Reminders: Create a reminder.
  • Family Notes: Create a Family Note.

However, it is still uncertain when this feature will be available to other Google users and exactly which computers will support this update. While the development of the brand’s Quick Phrases has been in the works since April this year, there is no further news about its eventual launch. What phrases would you put into it?


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