WhatsApp Red: how to have the application on your cell phone

Do you want to have WhatsApp Red? Learn how to get the app right now.

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WhatsApp has several new features. With its latest update, it has added reactions, but some always like to have WhatsApp Plus on their mobile devices because it gives them more tools to communicate, in addition to a red tone.

To have WhatsApp Plus in red, you need to download a third-party application, or APK, so that you can continue chatting and even sending stickers, but this time with the color of blood. Follow all these steps that we offer you.


  • The first thing will be to download the WhatsApp Plus Red 10.25 application.
  • You can download it in the form of an APK through this link.
  • Remember that to use it you do not have to have a WhatsApp account installed or open on your mobile.
  • Once done, register your number and enter your verification number.
  • Now you just have to go to WhatsApp Plus Settings.
In This Way You Can Have Whatsapp Red On Your Android Cell Phone.  (Photo: Mag - Rommel Yupanqui)
  • Select in themes and choose the red hue.
  • When you finish, you will see that all the WhatsApp Plus tabs will turn from green to red.
  • You can also add another type of color according to your style.
  • Remember that using modified WhatsApp can lead to your account being banned in the not too distant future.
  • It will depend on each person whether or not they want to use WhatsApp Plus Red.


  • The first thing will be to enter Google Play.
  • Now simply download the BlueWords app.
  • Set it as default and now enter WhatsApp.
  • When you give the corresponding permissions, just go to any conversation.
  • You will notice that when typing, a new keyboard will appear.
  • Just select the blue letters and start composing your message.
  • With this, you will already have the colored letters in the WhatsApp application.
  • You can also use them on Instagram, Messenger, or traditional text messages.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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