This is how Johnny Depp’s lawyer reacted to rumors of an affair with the actor

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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Camille Vasquez is Johnny Depp’s lawyer in his trial against Amber Heard, but, beyond the professionalism he has shown in court, he has earned the attention of the audience for the great complicity he has with the actor. This is a detail that has not gone unnoticed by anyone but has made a great echo, especially in Tik Tok.

In a said social network, multiple users have noted that their gestures could go beyond a good professional relationship and have hinted that they would have a romantic relationship. What is true about this? Well, the lawyer herself was questioned about the matter and this was a reaction.

This Is How Johnny Depp'S Lawyer Reacted To Rumors Of An Affair With The Actor

Johnny Depp’s lawyer is Latina

The Hollywood actor hired a robust legal team to defend him in his case against his ex-wife. The firm in charge of representing him is Brown Rudnick.

Camille Vasquez is part of this group of professionals and received great attention in mid-May 2022 when it was her turn to question Amber Heard: her dexterity and toughness when asking her questions were the characteristics that most attracted attention.

However, when doing a deeper investigation, it was found out that Johnny Depp’s lawyer is of Latin origin, is 38 years old, graduated in 2006 from the University of Southern California and this 2022 won the ‘One to watch’ award ‘, which recognized her as the best lawyer in commercial litigation. She didn’t get to where she is today for nothing.

This Is How Johnny Depp'S Lawyer Reacted To Rumors Of An Affair With The Actor

Are Johnny Depp and his lawyer in a relationship?

This idea gained traction on TikTok, where several users reported lovingly hugging and touching each other during their lengthy court sessions in Fairfax County, Virginia. As expected, the interpreter has not referred to these rumors, so it was Johnny Depp’s lawyer who reacted to the fan theories. On May 18, the site ‘TMZ’ published a video in which a reporter directly asks the Latina if she is dating her client; “She’s all over the internet,” he added as an argument. Your answer? She just laughed and kept walking, without commenting.

This Is How Johnny Depp'S Lawyer Reacted To Rumors Of An Affair With The Actor

This reaction is added to the versions of different media that ensured that their alleged romance was unfounded. ‘TMZ’ also reported that Camille Vasquez is in a formal relationship for several months with a British man who is dedicated to real estate, which completely rules out the possibility of a relationship between the lawyer and Johnny Depp.

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