WhatsApp launches multi-device mode: learn how it works

For now, only some accounts can be active on multiple devices at the same time.

WhatsApp Shares User Data with Facebook2
WhatsApp Shares User Data with Facebook2

For some time WhatsApp had announced that it would include among its functions the possibility of connecting from different devices with the same account, in response to the suggestions of its beneficiaries.

Well, the wait is over. The messaging application started the multi- device mode test , which means that only some users can now simultaneously connect to  WhatsApp from up to four different devices, as long as they are not cell phones.

One of the qualities of this option is that, even if the cell phone does not have a battery, the tablets or computers can be connected to the application independently and synchronized. Of course, maintaining the same level of privacy and security.

“Importantly, we have developed new technologies to maintain end-to-end encryption while simultaneously managing to sync your data, such as contact names, chat files, starred messages, and more, across devices,” notes a statement from Facebook, the company to which WhatsApp belongs  .

In that sense, each device has the ability to encrypt messages, calls and video calls without resorting to the help of the cell phone. In addition, the user will no longer have to verify their identity each time they need to connect, since they have ‘Automatic Device Verification’.

As for the old messages, the history and the account data, the company explained that they will be synchronized automatically, because when the devices are associated, the principal sends the encrypted information to the others and they download, decrypt and delete the keys.

Once this process is completed, the new connected devices will be able to access the account information from their own database.

How to test multi-device mode?

To know if you are one of the ‘lucky ones’ who can use this WhatsApp test, you only have to go on your cell phone to the three points in the upper right part of the screen (Settings), there you go to the statement: ” Linked devices ” (before WhatsApp Web) and, finally, the new option should appear: “Use WhatsApp on other devices”.

If so, you can now link your account with another device, you just have to perform the biometric verification, either through the fingerprint reader or facial recognition, and scan the QR code that appears on

It is important to note that after 14 days of inactivity, for security reasons, the device that you have not used is automatically unpaired.

Finally, remember that, for now, it is only a test that some users access, as the company is still doing some tests before its official launch worldwide.

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