These are the new functions in WhatsApp Business

The update is focused on improving user contact options with companies.

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In the last year, WhatsApp has incorporated different changes within its WhatsApp Business platform , in order to improve the user experience when connecting with a business account.

The changes within the application, which was born in 2017 and is used by more than 3 million companies worldwide, are focused on providing more alternatives to communicate and start the purchase process.

Among the new options is the quick call button to communicate with businesses, specific product chats where the user, once they are interested in a specific item, can contact the business and put it in a shopping cart.

Likewise, within the updates, companies will be allowed to include more information about their operations, determining schedules for each of the locations they have.

On the other hand,WhatsApp Business plans to shortly incorporate an access button to the e-commerce store, where the catalog can be displayed.

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