WhatsApp includes Meta in its name to inform that it is already part of the Metaverse

Facebook wants to forget its classic name and wants to introduce its other applications, such as WhatsApp, into the Metaverse.

Meta 11
WhatsApp will be the first Meta application that will integrate its name. Photo: composition LR / Meta.

Every time there is a change or update in Facebook, the applications that make it up tend to change their titles or settings due to the most recent integration that is developed. As is known, the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg, which is now the mother company of InstagramMessenger, and WhatsApp, recently changed its name to Meta, so WhatsApp has already included this name.

And it is that WhatsApp wants to publicly inform that it is part of the new Metaverse, the virtual space that will be accessible next year through Project Cambria. This change has aroused the curiosity of users as to whether the app will add new configurations similar to those of Meta, or if it will only limit itself to including it in its legal part and nothing else.

The latest beta of the green messaging application already shows the name “WhatsApp from Meta”, and it is expected that in the next few days Instagram will do the same to imply that it is part of this new collection.

This novelty was found by the Wabetainfo portal, which noted that in version of the beta, the aforementioned change can already be seen when one starts the application or goes to the settings part.

What else does this new beta bring?

The new beta version does not end there, because as we mentioned in a previous note, the update includes an option to be able to rate the quality of the messages received from commercial accounts. This function is carried out by selecting the message to be scored and the Rate option must be chosen at the top.


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