WhatsApp: how to leave groups without others knowing

Within the updates in which WhatsApp works to improve the user experience, you can now leave a chat without other members receiving a notification. For now, it is only available in the beta version.

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WhatsApp has been working on a package of updates for a long time to improve the user experience, something that is also about to reach groups: you can leave any chat without others knowing. Until now there was no way to leave WhatsApp group chats without prior notification, which warned that a person decided not to be in that community anymore: “X left the group”

As reported by WaBetaInfo, it will be possible to leave WhatsApp groups almost silently, without making noise and without everyone knowing. However, group admins will still be able to see that you’ve left.

Whatsapp: How To Leave Groups Without Others Knowing

This is a function that, far from being important for day-to-day groups, is designed for the creation of communitiesanother new tool that will allow groups of up to 512 people to be formed. In this way, it will not be necessary to notify the rest of the members of the abandonment of another member.

For now, WaBetaInfo showed a screenshot of the WhatsApp Desktop beta, but the new feature is expected to hit Android and iOS phones soon. Also, to prevent someone without permission from adding an account to a group, there is an option to limit this action. From Account Settings, you will have to select Privacy and, from there, choose who are the people who have permission to add others to a group.

Other WhatsApp updates

The instant messaging application is not far behind and constantly seeks to develop new tools that benefit both Android and iOS cell phones.

  • The latest novelty launched by the instant messaging application aroused the interest of many people: now you can react to messages with emojis.
  • WhatsApp Plus 2022 20.20.0 was released a few weeks ago and the first platform update is now available.
  • WhatsApp allows you to change the phone number when using the instant messaging application.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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